Home Automation Pro Start Pack
Our Home Automation Pro start Pack is more expensive due to the Home Center 2 Master controller. The performance of Home Center 2 is vastly superior then Home Center Lite. Home Center 2 has higher work load capacity and ability for coders to run their custom programs for added flexibility. Home Center 2 is recommended for complex automation or heavy load.

This package further includes a 2 channel relay which easily connects behind existing switch boxes with the help of a local electrician. The relay is used to control on/off function for lights or other connected device such as fan, exhaust and etc. We have included also a Dimmer which is recommended for dimming chandeliers or other compatible dimmable lights. Please note that unlike the 2 channel relay, Dimmer only connects to single light switch and has a capacity of 500 W.

Sensors included in the package are Door sensor, Motion Sensor and Smoke Sensor. All three sensors are wireless and battery operated with a life of two-three years. These can be easily installed with double sided 3m tape or with provided screw. Very easy to install and are Plug n Play technology.

Furthermore, online purchase via email we offer Pre configuration of all devices with the master controller and assign a static IP for controller. Hence the customer gets Out – Of – Box Active system .Customer has to connect the controller to his home LAN network and download the Fibaro App and all devices will be listed on the App. This reduces workload of pre configuration at client site and faster installation.